Bruno Sabalat : diatonic accordion 
Polo Burguière : fiddle 
Olivier Milchberg : bouzouki, double bass, arrangements

Production : Muance Productions (Musavida), 1998
Enregistrement : Studio Muance, 05300 Eourres

Passe Montagne was formed in 1995 by three musicians with a passion for traditional music, who want to share their enthusiasm with each others and the world. 
Convinced that traditional music moves and evolves, they follow in the footsteps of their ancestors from before the era of rapid communication. 
This music was created from half-forgotten ancient tunes and from the inspiration of everyday life, the sound of the wind and the cry of the cicadas. 
So Bruno Polo and Olivier, who live in remote places, at the end of step roads, are inspired by their own landscapes to play the tunes they love, above all music from the Alps of Occitany and Auvergne. 
The music of Passe Montagne consists mainly of tunes played for villages dances and “veillees” (a kind of house party), but as they wish to share their music with a larger public, they have adapted and arranged these tunes for concerts. 
Even though their audience today may be seated, Passe Montagne still creates the spirit of a veillee. The rhythms are infectious and toes quickly begin to tap.

Passe Montagne
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